Francesc Marco was born in Alboraia in 1972. He studied in the Escuela de Artes y Oficios of Valencia, specializing in Artistic Illustration. Later, he abandoned the use of paper to fully focus on canvas, discovering his real passion: painting.

He finds inspiration in the Great Masters of the XV
Century. He studied them closely, their figures, faces…. to finally reveal a close and personal Renaissance, where the materialistic elegantly retreats to reveal the immortal world of mystic shapes.

He uses collage: using Valencian silk on wood. The Mediterranean art is his inspiration and classical sculpture is a key reference in his most recent artistic works.

Techniques known as no pintado or despintado (unpainted) can be observed in his art. To the naked eye, this can be appreciated as a void in his composition, but this is a strategy used by the artist to create mystery: it is the beholder who paints, who finishes the painting during his observation.

The pictorial composition is deliberate, it is a delicate balance of tension and weight seeking equilibrium.

He also finds inspiration in nature to express himself as an artist, such as floral details, green spaces… with the objective to offer the spectator a living world.

Cities are an endless source of inspiration, urban landscapes with large everydayness value, its people, its streets, its building, and of course, the Mediterranean light overwhelming Valencia, creating its cosmopolitan and traditional character.

Lastly, always extremely faithful to reality, portraits, where the artist is meticulous in every detail showing his versatility in pictorial arts.


Estudios cursados en la escuela de ARTES Y OFICIOS DE VALENCIA.




2014 Exposición en “ELENA MIRO”. VALENCIA


2013 Pintura mural en “Cafetería librería UBIK CAFÉ”. VALENCIA


2009 Exposición en la “LA CAIXA”. Sucursal ALBORAYA

2008 Exposición en la “LA CAIXA”. Sucursal  ALBORAYA

2007 Exposición Colectiva  en  “Centro Comercial EL SALER”. VALENCIA

2006 Exposición en “Casa de la cultura José Peris Aragó”. ALBORAYA

2006 Exposición para “Mitg any faller”. Cauce del río Turia. AJUNTAMENT DE VALENCIA

2005 Exposición en la “LA CAIXA”. Sucursal ALBORAYA


2004 Participación “FORUM DE BARCELONA 2004 con FAPCI” (Fudació d´ Ajuda i Promoció de les Cultures Indigenes). BARCELONA

2004 Exposición  “Sala de Expocicions, SALA DE ARTE COMPTE DE ZANOGUERA” . ALBORAYA

2003 Exposición “11 Artistes Plástics ,11 mirades” . ALBORAYA

2001 Exposición colectiva en “GALERÍA DE ARTE GABERNIA” .VALENCIA

2001 Exposición de arte en  ALBORAYA

2000 Exposición colectiva en “GALERÍA DE ARTE GABERNIA” .VALENCIA

2000 Exposición “L´horta” una cultura viva. ALBOARAYA

1998 Circuito de cooperación Cultural “ L´horta nord”

–       Sala d´exposicions La Marina. EL PUIG

–       Sala d´exposicions de l´Ajuntament. MELIANA

–       Sala d´exposicions del Centre Social i Cultural. MASAMAGRELL

–       Sala d´exposicions del Teatre Capitolio. GODELLA

–       Saló de plens de l´Ajuntament. ALBORAYA

–       Sala d´exposicions de la Casa de la Cultura. PUÇOL

–       Sala d´esposicions de la Casa de la Cultura. TAVERNES BLANQUES